What Do You Believe?

What do you believe? Each one of us might answer this question differently.  The answers I gave ten years ago are not the same answers I give today. Faith for Unitarian Universalists is a continual evolving process, not a solid unchanging creed.

As a process, we are called to live faithfully. My personal definition of faith involves a commitment to seek life and nurture the good. Faith is a garden, not a rock.  Within each seed lies the possibility of growing and budding into a plant, a tree, a flower. Faith includes doubt and questioning, as well as learning and growing; it is a lived commitment that requires nurturing and tending. I believe we live faithfully when we refuse to give up on life, and when we continue to love fiercely and work for justice even when our actions do not seem to yield immediate results.  Waiting is also a part of living our faith.

What are your core beliefs? To whom or what are you faithful?  How do you live your faith? I invite you to join me in planting and growing these questions this month.


In faith,