What to do about the Roadside Sign

   Since the George Floyd killing, there has been a renewed interest in again displaying a “Black Lives Matter” banner on our roadside pulpit. A very brief history: A number of years ago, we hung BLM banners. They were ripped down and destroyed, several times.       

   Eventually the perpetrator spray-painted our sign, ruining it. I confess this incident made me very angry. What goes through this person’s mind? In the sixties, certain radical groups starting calling the police “pigs”. How does someone twist “black lives matter”, into meaning all police are pigs, and all police are racist killers?

    Fantasy: The vandal comes at night to deface our banners. I step out of the bushes and confront him. I say, “Listen, you have vandalized our property. But we won’t press charges. Instead of slinking through the night like a coward, why don’t you meet with us and express your feelings? You pretend to support the police. Yet you are afraid of them arresting you for vandalism. You sir, need to straighten out your hypocritical values”.

    I want to get together with all of you who have an interest in this matter and decide what to do.

-Hollis Kellogg