Who Are We?

Last month I was invited to speak at a congregation in Florida and discovered a core group of members who, together with their minister, had resolved to register as Muslims if President Trump authorizes a registry of U.S. citizens who are Muslim.
Following their example, I have resolved to do the same. Will you join me?


As members and friends of the UUCRT, who are we? We are a welcoming congregation. We are a peace advocacy congregation. These identity statements have emerged through a democratic process of dialogue and consensus and engagement with the rich heritage that is Unitarian Universalism.
Yet who we actually are is not necessarily who we say we are. In many ways we become what we do. We also become what we don’t do. At the same time who others say we are may not be who we actually are. I’ve been called a traitor, a heaping pile of SH*#@, yet I don’t consider myself any of those things.
Identities are complex, and the task is upon us to claim who we are boldly in the streets. If we don’t define who we are then others will do the defining for us — and we may find the outcome revolting.

See you Sunday,
Chris J. Antal