Notes from the Board

  • Revised Birch contract sent to school with Maintenance agreement
  • Welcoming ministry will plan new member service for friends who have asked to join.
  • Caring ministry reports there have been several needs being addressed.
  • Religious Education is off to a great start with new families with children attending.
  • Arts ministry reports that Hollis and Elfin Vogel will give a concert on Oct. 14.
  • We need a Buildings and Grounds ministry and chair.
  • Bill and Ed will arrange for resealing the parking lot by James Young Co.
  • Nan provided wording for the ByLaws to restore the Committee on Ministry.
  • Dates for the congregational meeting and new member ceremony will be coordinated with Rev. Diane and the Sunday Services ministry.
  • Next meeting will be November 7 via Zoom.

Semi Annual Congregational Meeting will be moved to Dec 17 due to scheduling conflicts.

In the future, the Annual Congregational Meeting will be held on the third Sunday in May, the Semi Annual Meeting on the third Sunday in November.

Sue Ann Peck, Secretary UUCRT