Amanda Crowell

Labor Day Potluck and Celebration

This service is a potluck/picnic. People are encouraged to bring dishes to share.  We will share our ideas and memories of what labor day means to us, bring along information on local farms and growers where locally sourced food and products can be found, and any outdoor games to share and play. The day will … Continued

Mother’s Day Pot-Luck Brunch and Nurturing Celebration

Instead of a formal service, we will gather for a pot-luck brunch at 10:30. Bring note cards with reflections of positive examples of “mothering” in your life, whether biological or through a different special connection. You will be invited to read them and then tack them up on our “Gratitude Board”. Attendees who might be … Continued

Celebrate the labor that makes all other labor possible: Farming

Our service will be a pot luck brunch.  We will begin with a chalice lighting and “Spirit of Life”, followed by going around the table and giving thanks for the laborers in our lives.  After the meal, stay and play some ball or Frisbee; we’ll bring some fun yard toys (and you can bring some, … Continued