Mike Landrum

Poetry Service

Annual Summer Poetry Service led by Mike Landrum and Hollis Kellogg.   The Congregation and guests are encouraged to bring poetry you love or you wrote that has a deep felt spiritual  meaning to you. You can also read passages or sing a song. Come one, come all!

Happiness or Joy

A discussion on the topic of The Second Mountain by David Brooks and how it might apply to UUCRT.

Why I am a UU

Part two of the talk scheduled for March 10 and partly snowed out.

Our Own Diversity

Mike and Diane turn the spotlight on the congregation and open a discussion about why we come here, what we get and what we wish to get from UUCRT.

Why I’m a Unitarian Universalist

After 25 years of membership and leadership our president comes clean! (Did you know he’s been president four times?)

Bring a Poem?

A program on Kahlil Gibran and other favorite poets – a participatory program. Bring a poem to contribute!