Mike Landrum

Happiness or Joy

A discussion on the topic of The Second Mountain by David Brooks and how it might apply to UUCRT.

Why I am a UU

Part two of the talk scheduled for March 10 and partly snowed out.

Our Own Diversity

Mike and Diane turn the spotlight on the congregation and open a discussion about why we come here, what we get and what we wish to get from UUCRT.

Why I’m a Unitarian Universalist

After 25 years of membership and leadership our president comes clean! (Did you know he’s been president four times?)

Bring a Poem?

A program on Kahlil Gibran and other favorite poets – a participatory program. Bring a poem to contribute!

The Link Between Faith and Optimism

The link between faith and optimism – skills for a good and happy life. I had the luck to be the son of an optimistic mother, so I’ll share some of the lessons I learned from her. You’ll arrive a Unitarian but you may leave a “Becky-ist”.