Speaker: Mike Landrum


There have been frequent calls from the right, for a change to the constitution regarding the wall between church and state. Their argument is that we are a Christian country, and our laws should reference Jesus Christ as our savior. In fact, the founding fathers … read more.

“What is the purpose of Art?”

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If you Google “What is the  purpose of Art?”, you will find a long answer with many categories. Art is a language which delivers a different personal meaning to each receiver. Let’s  discuss! 

Religion and Art

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Art was the first lasting creation of humanity that expressed a religious feeling. Consider this cave painting science has dated over 40,000 years old:


Finding Meaning

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What is the meaning of our membership and attendance at UUCRT?  It’s a principle of ours that we freely search for meanings in our lives and in our worship services. Today we will explore where that search has taken … read more.