Rev. Chris J. Antal

Deep Remembering

What are the stories we know and don’t know about war and what do they reveal about us?

People of the Lie

Truth can hurt. Lies help avoid the hurt, but at what cost? Using M. Scott Peck as our starting point, we will consider his definition of human evil and hope to heal it.  

Questions of Faith

Last year David Suchet interviewed me for his Questions of Faith audio series and it went live on Audible Friday March 9th. I’ll reflect on the series and my experience with him.

Faith in Human Rights

A reflection on the connections between religions and human rights.


A reflection on religious journeys and the pilgrims who make them.

It’s a ‘Wanderful’ Life

With so many spiritual paths and destinations, wandering in the wilderness is integral to our way.  

On Patriotism

How might we distinguish patriotism from nationalism and reclaim a genuine love for country?     On Patriotism Works Cited

On Charity

Faced with escalating inequality, how ought we think about charity and how might that thinking guide our actions in pursuit of justice?     On Charity Works Cited