Rev. Chris J. Antal



Together in Solitude

What is the spiritual discipline of solitude? How does solitude contribute to spiritual growth and ethical living?  

Thriving Amidst the New Abnormal

Faced with “a disturbing reality in which things are not getting better,” what value might spiritual disciplines bring to our lives?

On Grace and Disgrace

We find ourselves in and age of amazing disgrace.  What is grace and does it matter?  And, do we find it or create it ourselves or something else?  

On Darkness

A reflection on the role of darkness in human religious experience through time.

Peace with Pain

Privilege provides us the choice to pay attention to pain and seek to relieve it, or insulate ourselves in anesthetizing slumber. How we choose determines whether we become compassionate, or something less.

The Gratitude Trap

How too much focus on gratitude stunts our growth. This service will be followed by an information session where newcomers can meet the minister and learn about Unitarian Universalism.  

Death and Diversity

Our mortality is one common denominator that unites humanity, yet the diversity of views we hold about the meaning of death and what, if anything, comes after, is far-ranging. In this service, Rev. Antal will invite the congregation to explore this diversity together, and perhaps discover some unity along the way.