Lay Minister’s Corner

A Community of Story

What does it mean to be a community of story? November’s theme connects us. Each of us carries our own individual and family stories; and we are invited to unite in religious community to tell a new story together– a story that empowers us to reach out in love to the world. I believe that … Continued

Community of Healing

Today the air is cooler at last, and the leaves on the trees are beginning to change color and fall.  Late summer’s heat is settling down, and I feel called to quieter spaces: contemplation and memory, reflection and inquiry, intimacy and soul.   As the world spins with tension and fury, October in the northeast offers … Continued

Message from the Lay Commissioned Minister – September 2016

Dear Friends, I look forward to gathering with you in community at our Annual Ingathering/ Water Communion service on September 11th.  The Water Communion is one of my favorite Unitarian Universalist traditions, as we join our separate waters together as one, as a symbol of our covenant, or bond, to one another and shared principles. … Continued

Summer Message from the Lay Commissioned Minister

I have recently returned from the UU General Assembly in Columbus, Ohio, where I attended two days, along with my daughter, Camille.  Also present were Rev. Chris and his sons, and our two dedicated delegates, Mike Landrum and Linda Mangelsdorf. Linda, Camille, and I carried the UUCRT banner in the opening ceremony parade, which included … Continued

Lay Minister’s Message – June 2016

“Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity!” declares Henry David Thoreau, penning his words after long saunters through the woods around Walden Pond. Our Transcendentalist ancestor enjoyed daily walks, alone or with companions, as an essential spiritual practice. He owned few possessions and lived the art of simplicity. And yet, Thoreau was also an activist, refusing to pay taxes … Continued

You are a blessing

You are a blessing. These are words my grandmother, her memory faded by Alzheimer’s, never forgot. She would speak these words to each person she met- nurses, family members, strangers- gazing at each new face as if it were lit by some radiant light. What does it mean to be a people of blessing? Perhaps, … Continued

A Letter from Terri Pahucki

Dear friends, Thank you so much for the wonderful support you gave me during the Commissioning Ceremony on February 28th! I am proud to wear the chalice necklace gift, beautifully created by Roberta Green, to represent this congregation as a lay commissioned minister. I will officially begin preaching once a month at UUCRT on May … Continued