Lay Minister’s Corner

On Forgiveness

September is a time of new beginnings.  Children head back to school; the air gets a little lighter and cooler as we move into Fall. Many Unitarian Universalist congregations hold water communion ceremonies to welcome families back from summer adventures and kick off a new church year.  For people of the Jewish faith, the High … Continued

  I am honored to have served this congregation the past few days as an off-site online delegate to the Unitarian Universalist Association’s General Assembly.  At this writing, the final songs have been sung, and we have just installed our new UUA President, the Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray, with a laying on of hands. My own … Continued

Joy Is a Gift

   Recently, I arrived home late at night from a trip, weary and exhausted from travel. Opening the door, I was startled by my tail-wagging dog, Honey, who pounced on me with boundless excitement and smothered my face with wet kisses. Her enthusiastic greeting filled me with laughter and delight. I concur with the poet … Continued


I find myself in this moment, at the end of a long seminary semester heavy with words and ideas, staring at this month’s theme:  Embodiment. Piles of books and scattered papers lie around me, and I am moved by the longing to return to physical life, to a space of the senses.  As we approach … Continued


We are a community of transformation. This month’s theme is a statement of faith that challenges us to move through the mud and the muck of personal despair and suffering, and turn it into something new. It challenges us to imagine possibility, even as life seems to be falling apart. This is not an easy … Continued

What does it mean to be a community at risk?

Risk: Last month the Harriet Tubman National Historic Park was established in Auburn, New York, becoming the 51st national site to achieve this distinction. The park commemorates the later years of Tubman’s life and honors her legacy as a bold, brave freedom fighter who, over the course of ten years, helped over 300 slaves escape … Continued

Discover and Remember Who We Truly Are

This past week I took my two daughters to see the movie Moana. Moana is a beautiful and moving story about a Polynesian teenage girl who sails out on a daring adventure to save her people. It is also a movie about the search for identity, as she discovers herself and reveals the inherent worth … Continued

A Community of Prophecy

Each new year I begin by making a Vision Collage. This is a mosaic of cut-out images from old magazines that when pasted together somehow convey new meaning. This process has become a ritual, a way of looking ahead and engaging the poetic imagination in the possibilities of what may be. This month I ponder … Continued

With Quiet Contemplation

On the day after Thanksgiving, I walked through cemeteries. For many years, this has been my Black Friday tradition, as I like to begin the holiday season with quiet contemplation. This year, my walk took me to the gravesites of spiritual ancestors in my hometown of Rochester, NY. As I stood before the graves of … Continued

A Community of Story

What does it mean to be a community of story? November’s theme connects us. Each of us carries our own individual and family stories; and we are invited to unite in religious community to tell a new story together– a story that empowers us to reach out in love to the world. I believe that … Continued