Terri Pahucki

Memory and Place

A service of remembering and truth-telling stories of our past on the path to liberation.

Joyful Assembly

We will join together to celebrate our connections to the larger faith and other joys of this season.

What do we have to lose?

An invitation to consider all that we hold dear.  How does love for the earth call us forward into risk? 

Sound the Trumpets!

Who are today’s prophets and what do they tell us? Come discover “the message of the march”.

The Whole Story

Let us explore the ability of stories to empower and transform us.

Healing and Wholeness

What wisdom can we draw from the spiritual disciplines of truth-telling and atonement?  Let us encounter these gifts together on the journey toward wholeness.  

A Community of Covenant

Let us reflect on our call to covenant on this 15th anniversary of 9/11.  The service will include our annual Water Communion Ritual. Please bring a small bottle of water from a place that is meaningful to you.

Planting Peace

What seeds of peace will we plant in the coming year? What will we grow together?  All ages are welcome to share hopes for how we can sow peace in the face of challenging times.

On Belonging

 Let us explore the meanings and challenges of belonging in the Unitarian Universalist religious community.  What spiritual riches can we discover through connection to our history and movement?