Terri Pahucki


Embodying Our Goodbyes

How do we move into change with our full selves? Together we will bring focus to the endings and transitions in our lives, that we might embrace openings of liberation and joy.

Flower Communion Sunday

We will celebrate the larger Unitarian Universalist circles we belong to beyond the congregation. Our service will include a flower ceremony from our UU tradition. Please bring a flower to share in our community bouquet. We will also share highlights from General Assembly and a coming of age journey in faith formation.

Spring Congregational Meeting

Our lay commissioned minister will conduct a brief service before we adjourn to the Congregational Meeting

The Earth Sings Salvation

In this Easter Season, is there any good news? Where are the resurrections of life in a time of ecological devastation? Does universalist salvation have meaning for us today?

Trust Falls

Trust plays an important part in letting go. In whom or what do we place our trust? How do we develop the trust that will help us to let go of scarcity and fear, and give ourselves more fully to abundant life?  

Praying with our Lives

What does prayer mean to us as Unitarian Universalists? Our service draws on the wisdom of Howard Thurman, Mary Oliver, and other everyday mystics as we explore this spiritual practice.

Full of Grace

How might we give and receive gifts that heal our Earth and change our lives?

Are We Grateful Enough?  

A reflection on the theme of gratitude for these times. Service followed by Community Potluck Lunch and Looking Deeply Sharing Circle

Embracing Diversity

Unity is not achieved by erasing difference, but by embracing it. What might it look like to live this kind of community in the world?