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Serendipity Dinners

Serendipity Dinners
It’s that time of year again – the time when we gather with some others of our congregation to build our bonds of community. If you haven’t done this before – and especially if you are a new attendee – you will miss out … read more.

How To Be A Transgender Ally

On November 20th for Transgender Day of Remembrance, Jamie Capach read the congregation a list of first steps to being an ally for transgender people in the spirit of empowerment and taking action. According to source Transwhat, “Allyship to trans people involves a number of … read more.

Minister’s Message for September 2016


In the life of our congregation September is a time to reconnect after a period of reflection, recreation, rejuvenation and renewal. I hope you found all those gifts and more during the summer months.

This congregational year holds great promise as well as challenge. We will … read more.

You are a blessing

You are a blessing. These are words my grandmother, her memory faded by Alzheimer’s, never forgot. She would speak these words to each person she met- nurses, family members, strangers- gazing at each new face as if it were lit by some radiant light.

What does … read more.